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The Bicycle Traffic team is available to supervise students writing a thesis within the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes on Transportation Engineering and Civil Engineering in the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering. 

We are interested in developing research in three main areas: (1) basic research investigating bicycle traffic flow and behaviour; (2) critical examinations of the benefit and risks of new technologies for cycling and cycling research; and (3) research exploring the best practices for bicycle infrastructure design, planning, and policy. Within these three areas, we are keen to supervise research employing field studies and/or simulation--but also work with other methods appropriate for the given topic.

The list of topics below includes all thesis topics currently open to write in BT. Students interested in an open topic can contact us at any time as described on this page. Students may also propose other topics, however due to an increased demand to write theses with BT we are unfortunately not able to meet every request. We prioritize proposals for topics that are directly aligned with one of our three main research areas or are related to any of our on-going research projects. To propose a topic and request to write your thesis in BT, please contact us at least 3 months before your desired registration date.

How to Apply for Supervision

Send an email to Cat Silva to apply for supervision in our Chair. Before contacting us, please read the BSc or MSc Prüfungsordnungen to ensure you are aware of all requirements.

To apply for an available topic, the email shoud identify the topic(s) you are interested in and explaining: (1) your motivation for researching the topic; (2) the skills and background knowledge you bring; and (3) the date you plan to begin.

To propose your own topic, the email should including: (1) your proposed title; (2) the research problem you propose investigating; (3) at least one research question; (4) the methods you plan to use; and (5) the date you plan to begin. 

Current topic suggestions



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