School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Research focus

Research is devoted to new developments ranging from basic theoretical research (e.g., behavioral issues and cycling flow), to critical examination of measures (infrastructure changes, technology potentials and risks), to practical recommendations (regulations, plan specifications, and legislation). Three main fields of research are emerging:

  • Fundamental research: The behavior of individual road users, the flow of Bicycle Traffic and Bicycle Traffic in mixed traffic flows will be examined in more detail. This is particularly challenging due to the high diversity in Bicycle Traffic, as very different riding styles and different types of bicycles lead to heterogeneous behavior.

  • Cycling infrastructure: In order to provide adequate infrastructure for dynamically changing Bicycle Traffic, new concepts, regulations and specifications for the planning, design and dimensioning of bicycle facilities are being developed. New simulation tools that realistically represent the microscopic and macroscopic behavior of cyclists will allow new plans and designs to be analyzed prior to implementation. Further insights into the potential of new types of infrastructure will be gained through field studies, experiments in controlled test sites, and bicycle simulator studies.

  • New technologies: In the area of mobility technologies, four major development trends can be observed with networking, automation, electrification, and sharing. These developments have a significant direct or indirect impact on bicycling in the future. Bike-sharing systems and electrified bicycles, for example, have already established themselves on the market, but are continuing to develop. There are also initial examples of networking bicycles with their surroundings through wireless communication.

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