School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

New paper publication by Heather Kaths

12.10.2023|13:25 Uhr

A movement and interaction model for cyclists and other non-lane-based road users

Cyclists and other types of road users who do not adhere to lane discipline pose a challenge in microscopic traffic simulation. In most software, the models are adapted to increase the lateral flexibility of road users, either through introducing sub-lanes (SUMO) or introducing a continuous lateral axis (PTV Vissim). These solutions enable the simulation of some behaviors, such as passing within the same driving lane. However, other behaviors exhibited by these flexible road users, including switching between cycling infrastructure, the roadways, and the sidewalk, riding against the given direction of travel, and selecting unexpected pathways to cross at intersections, remain difficult to simulate. This paper presents a modeling approach for cyclists, users of micro-mobility modes, and other non-lane-based road users. This method uses the concept of guidelines, or desire lines, that represent the intended path of non-lane-based road users.

The full article is available on our publication website.

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