School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

2nd Human-Centred VRU Simulation Workshop

02.03.2023|14:02 Uhr

Mathis Linnenbrink attended the 2nd Human-Centred VRU Simulation Workshop in Braunschweig.

On the 21st and 22nd of February BT research associate Mathis Linnenbrink visited the 2nd Human-Centred VRU Simulation Workshop hosted by the Institute of Transportation Systems at DLR (German Aerospace Center) in Braunschweig.

During the two days the DLR team demonstrated their different immersive simulators for vulnerable road users (VRU’s) namely pedestrians and bicyclists so Mathis was able to literately step into DLR’s virtual worlds and practically experience the complex simulation systems. A detailed description of the simulators can be found on DLR‘s MoSAIC-Lab web page.

More than 40 international participants accumulated extensive knowledge in research with immersive transportation simulators which led to inspiring discussions, new ideas and contacts helping to build up team BT’s own bicycle simulator. On day two, delegates of leading international research teams presented their most recent findings with immersive simulation environments and elaborated on their current and future work to continue driving the edge of human-centered simulation.

The BT Team is glad to be part of the growing research community and thanks Martin Fischer and the whole DLR team for hosting the event.

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