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BMDV Endowed Professorships Summer Bike Ride

29.09.2022|09:12 Uhr

On September 13 and 14, 2022, the BMDV Endowed Professorships Summer Bike Tour took place at the University of Wuppertal.

After the reception of the guests in the facilities of the Chair of Cycling at BUW, the event began with a welcome by Rector Prof. Dr. Birgitta Wolff. Following this, the seven universities gave short presentations on their work and achievements over the past year. Through various workshops over the two days, ideas for joint projects were developed and presented by the individual groups at the end of the event. Another highlight was the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, Mayor of the City of Wuppertal, which was followed by a lively discussion on promoting cycling in Wuppertal. The first day concluded with the triathlon: hovering-walking-cycling, in which participants were asked to experience the Nordbahntrasse in addition to a ride on the suspension railway.
On the second day, the successful projects were further elaborated, seminars were held and the participants were invited by the Chair of Road Construction and Road Maintenance to a very interesting tour of their laboratories. At the end of the summer bike tour, the results developed in the workshops were presented in short pitches and Professor Heather Kaths once again addressed the participants with concluding words.

The team of the Department of Cycling and Research is looking forward to the next summer bike tour!

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