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Real world experiments in the TiptoP project

20.07.2023|11:14 Uhr

The TiptoP project investigates the influence of gradient on the behavior of bicyclists.

For this purpose, a data collection in form of real world experiments took place from June 27th to July 19th. The volunteers rode an instrumented bicycle on a course around the Grifflenberg campus, while sensors installed on the bicycle and a bicycle computer recorded quantitative data such as speed, manual pedaling power, and trajectory. In addition, qualitative data on particular observations and subjective perceptions of the task-load were collected in surveys before and after each ride.
Of particular interest in answering the research question are the time periods during which subjects were free to adjust their speed according to how they felt. For this purpose, video and audio recordings of each ride are supposed to help to determine external influences so that they can be taken into account in the evaluation.
In the next step of the project, the data will be analyzed to derive behavioral patterns and investigate the influence of the terrain gradient. The findings from the data analysis will later be used to optimize behavior models for traffic simulation and enable the calibration of a bicycle simulator.
Once again, the research team would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers who participated in the experiments and thus supported the research project.

Mathis Linnenbrink with Peter Kersten and Doha Meslem

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