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Webcast of the Mobilitätsforum Bund - Digitalization in bicycle traffic

27.04.2023|14:18 Uhr

On Wednesday 4/26/2023, Heather Kaths was invited to speak about digitization in cycling in a webcast hosted by the Mobilitätsforum Bund.

Experts from practice and science will address the central question: What is needed to advance digitalization in cycling? What digital applications are available and what benefits do they have for cycling planners and for cyclists? In the webcast, Heather Kaths, Christoph Waack, Sven Lißner and Thomas Kiel also discuss the opportunities and challenges of data-driven planning and where there are still (data) gaps.
You can watch the whole webcast on the YouTube channel of the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility via this link (in German)! The original announcement can be viewed on the Mobilitätsforum Bund website.

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