School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Project NUErLast Internal Kick-off Event

21.03.2023|10:30 Uhr

A Partnership with DTV Verkehrsconsult and Eco-counter to Enhance Understanding of Cargo Bike Traffic.

Heather Kaths, Aboozar Roosta, Thorsten Kathmann, Aleksandra Pušica, Jan Fischer

We are excited to introduce our latest project, NUErLast, which was launched in partnership with DTV Verkehrsconsult and Eco-counter and is funded through mFUND. On March 7th, the chair of bicycle traffic hosted a kick-off event to discuss the project's scope and objectives.

Project NUErLast aims to achieve three goals: testing the feasibility of a classifying detection and counting system for cargo bikes using induction loops, identifying use cases of differentiated cycling traffic counts in infrastructure planning and traffic engineering, and implementing the gained knowledge into the cycling flow theory.

During the kick-off event, Prof. Heather Kaths, Aboozar Roosta and Felix Heldmann from the chair of bicycle traffic had the pleasure of meeting with Thorsten Kathmann and Aleksandra Pušica from DTV Verkehrsconsult and Jan Fischer from Eco-counter, where they discussed project's cooperation and respective working packages. We are excited to share updates with the scientific community as the project progresses, and we welcome any insights or feedback you may have.

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