School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Analysis and modeling of e-bike ownership


E-bikes have been experiencing strong growth for several years; more and more households have access to such a bicycle with electric drive assistance. Like all mobility tools, however, pedelecs are not evenly distributed across the population. Since the 2017 survey wave, the MiD (Mobilität in Deutschland) survey has collected data on e-bike ownership, allowing us to examine the relationship between spatial and socio-demographic household characteristics and e-bike ownership. In this work, these relationships will be analyzed. Furthermore, it will be investigated to what extent a predictive model for the e-bike ownership of households can be established on the basis of these data.

Research Questions

  • What socio-demographic and environmental factors influence e-bike ownership at the household-level?
  • Can e-bike ownership be modelled for different spatial and temporal contexts based on available data?

Research Focus

  • Fundamental research





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