School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Modelling Bicycle Traffic Mode Choice in the Wuppertal Transport Model and Evaluation of an Infrastructure Measure


In the Wuppertal transport model, cycling is represented rudimentarily in mode and route choice, but with implausible model behaviour. In a prior work, a route choice model has already been implemented. As part of this work, a literature review on mode choice modelling with a focus on cycling will first be carried out in order to then further develop the Wuppertal transport model accordingly and validate the further developed model. Subsequently, a planned infrastructure measure yet to be determined will be evaluated ex-ante with the help of the model with regard to its effect on the modal split of cycling in Wuppertal.

Research Question

  •  Which model types and data should be used to model the mode choice of bicycle traffic in transport models?
  • Can the mode choice in the Wuppertal transport model be improved on the basis of available data?
  • How can the model be calibrated?
  • What impact on modal split does a (to be defined) infrastructure measure have?

Research Focus

  • Fundamental research





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