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Transferability and application of open standards in driving simulators to bicycle simulators


In the research and development of motorized private transport (MIV), driving simulators have been established and widely used as an experimental method with a defined environment for several decades. Their importance continues to increase with the development of automated vehicles, as does the number of research projects worldwide. In order to make the results of individual experiments comparable and to enable meta-studies, standards have already been developed for various sub-areas of driving simulation. One example is OpenScenario, a standard that standardizes the description of simulation features such as traffic volume, environment, driving maneuvers, etc., making experiments repeatable and comparable.
The application of these standards also promises many advantages for bicycle simulation, but they have not been applied so far. The aim of this work is therefore to investigate which existing standards could be considered for bicycle simulations, by which bicycle-specific features they might have to be extended and which advantages they could offer.

Research Questions

  • Which standards for the documentation of driving simulations (simulator technique, scenario, etc.) exist that could be usefully transferred to bicycle simulators?
  • To what extent can the available standards represent the characteristics of a bicycle simulation and what definitions might need to be added?
  • What additional benefits could be gained by applying standards to bicycle simulation?

Research Focus

  • Fundamental research





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